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Season 2: TheRealAbhinavAudioExperience (Full Episodes)

Season 2: TheRealAbhinavAudioExperience (Full Episodes)

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2014, I ended a chapter of my life in the sport of bodybuilding and moved to work in San Francisco. By most people's definition of success I became a 1%er, of people in their 20s making 6 figure salary. 

As Biggy would say "Mo Money Mo Problems"


In my college years I kept a clean disciplined lifestyle to support my passion of bodybuilding. Once that was over I started exploring all that I had missed out on. Now that I had some money coming in and I was in Silicon Valley, I felt I had some catching up to do. So I tasted all the delicacies, drinks and desires of my monkey mind. I felt the highs and the lows of being independent shockingly fast. 


My vision is to host enticing conversations on interesting topics, digging into the lives of ordinary individuals living in extraordinary ways. 


I want to create 5 start dishes, some food for thought that enriches the mind, body and spirits of those seeking bliss.


Collective Age Creative. Jason Shultz

Abhinav has a graceful way of allowing his guests to speak while gently guiding the direction of the conversation. He brings out the best in his guest and I always leave the episode with a takeaway. Highly Recommended.

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Was a pleasure to connect and learn from the brotha! This podcast is GOLD. Can't wait to record an episode with you.

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