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Passionate About Blossoming Lives

2014, I ended a chapter of my life in the sport of bodybuilding and moved to work in San Francisco. By most people's definition of success I became a 1%er, of people in their 20s making 6 figure salary.

As Biggy would say "Mo Money Mo Problems

In my college years I kept a clean disciplined lifestyle to support my passion of bodybuilding. Once that was over I started exploring all that I had missed out on. Now that I had some money coming in and I was in Silicon Valley, I felt I had some catching up to do. So I tasted all the delicacies, drinks and desires of my monkey mind. I felt the highs and the lows of being independent shockingly fast.

I grew into an incredible friendship with my friend Bronson (~20y older ), a unique soul who brought lots of experience in different parts of life. He became someone who truly helped me realize the destructive path of my HUGE EGO. I stared to see glimpses of "The Matrix" so to speak and I peaked behind the curtain too early in life as some would say.

Since I was always extreme with everything I did in life, I didn't just get down or bummed, I fell into a deep dark depression. Nothing but anxiety and dark thoughts, I began questioning everything in my life. How did I end up here? Why are we all chasing money and all these material things that mean nothing? How can I keep living like this? All I saw around me were un-aware people, running in the rat race not realizing they are being controlled by their monkey minds and precious identities. Mass marketing had people putting a filter on everything in life... I was torn inside, all my life I thought I wanted to grow up and be super rich, have a private jet by 30, home on the beach and I truly believed that this would give me happiness, joy, fulfillment, status and strip me away from any baggage I've carried from my family's past.


Not to write a book here but in short, my journey for the last 10 months has been of me climbing out of the deep dark hole that I had dug myself in, the last few months in 2018 have truly transformed my way of life and I want to help plant the seeds of truth in other peoples mind.


I have a deep inner need to give back, I want to help people suffering from their own mind created limitations and help them Blossom into incredible, free beings. 

We need to give as much attention to mental health as we do physical health. Lots of people are starting to ask self inquiry questions of them selves, this is the beginning of being awakened. I believe mental health should be discussed more openly and not be considered a taboo subject. 

My vision is to host enticing conversations on interesting topics, digging into the lives of ordinary individuals living in extraordinary ways. 


I want to create 5 start dishes, some food for thought that enriches the mind, body and spirits of those seeking bliss. 

My Influencers
  • Mooji

  • Sadhguru

  • Eckert Tolle 

  • Tony Robbins

  • Kai Greene

  • Dorian Yates

  • Jay-Z 

  • David Chappelle

  • Jordan Peterson 

  • Bronson Silva

  • Gary Vaynerchuk

  • Brian Rose ( London Reel ) 

  • Eric Thomas

  • Barack Obama

  • Mom & Dad, My Brother, Grandma

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