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You're the Microcosm of the Macrocosm

I am the distilled version of the Macrocosm of existence it self. The one who created the Sun & Moon created me and my family of all 8 billion people in human body forms.

This incarnation and others face a negative, lacking, "poverty" mindset ( lower level of ego ).

To be aware of this, is to start the process of overcoming it ( transcending it ) by not avoiding it, but sitting with it to see what moves with within and searching to find

where am I in all of it?

Fear of what can be taken away, comes out of attachment to the Beauty & Joys of life that we've been given to experience ( since kids ). Naturally we don't want to get away from this entirely or give it up with ease.

It came up today that I am foreseeing ideas in my thoughts about a baby, a home and "more" that the ego & role identity wants to express in its natural inclination with the bodily process.

The position from where you are looking at your thoughts and felt emotions dictates the types of labels (aka data) you are accepting in your mind story/narrative.

A problem or unwanted feeling, not wanting this thing to happen badly is like the hypothetical VR/AR representation of you and your character in Life. ( feels so real but it isn't).

How you overcome, is by handling 1 thing at a time. Doing what is in front of you and being fully aware of your current state and attention itself. This allows you to manifest from a place of what is directly into what can be.

You are riding the wave on the edge of time.

Love Your Self, Love those around you, observe when something bothers you and doesn't feel right. Look Deeper to what is holding your attention.

Happy New Year 2021!


Mimi Jain
Mimi Jain

Deep thoughts and perspective leaves me in awe

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